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Company Secretary: Job Description

Once a candidate completes the company secretary or a corporate secretary course, the demand in the job market is actually huge. In fact, the ICSI Institute itself publishes details about job openings available for members in different organizations around the country. In fact, jobs for company secretary are plenty in number.  

The list of openings available is posted by the Institute through the official website. Candidates can just check the opening and can apply for the suitable position. In addition to posting details of company secretary vacancies, the institute also posts details of contact person and his/her phone number to help the members.

Besides all these things, rather than looking for CS course duration, it is important to consider the benefits and outcomes from this course.

Now with the extensive knowledge on what is company secretary and also the toughness associated with the course, candidates will have to arrive at an informed decision in choosing this course. This course can ensure a bright future for them without any doubt whatsoever.

When it comes to company secretary salary in India, the monthly starting pay can be somewhere between Rs.28,000 to Rs.40,000. In addition, there is a lot of scope for improvement in the pay scale as well.

With experience and expertise, a company secretary can earn up to Rs.1 lakh per month by becoming a corporate secretary, which means by working for a corporate company.

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